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Internationally known Fresco Artist AntonioRomanohas a style that is reminiscent of a bygone era with the use of colorsfrom that time as well as imagery. Heself frames each piece, seeking out old frames and paper to work from. His background as a fresco painted suits hisstyle perfectly. He has as well developed a technique called E Scroll Modern , or e-scribble. Mr. Romano adds on to numerous pieces hispoetry, as well with a creative thought process that challenges the mind. Mr.Romano builds each painting around frames that are hand selected andare a part of the work itself, if there is a chip or a crack it's meant to beand should be left as it is. The artist works with inks and dyes often his ownformula with pigments he has created over the years and handed down by his ancestors,there is no living artist today with his unique style and skill.

Romanowas born in Italy in 1953. He is an artist with ancestral rootsdating back five generations. His teachers in Italy included Luigi Fali, a studentof Pietra Annagoni(portrait painter of Queen Elizabeth).Romano has developed adistinctive style combining modernism & folk art which he calls e-scribble.There are often elements of and/or an aura of surrealism.E-scribble is a stylehe developed within the last few years, well after first visiting the USA in1966 with several trips back to Italy before remaining here. He attended theSchool of Visual Arts in New York and worked under James Moriarty.

E Scroll Modern, e-scribble, derivedfrom childhood memories and symbols from Central Italy.The inspiration camefrom the exposure to design features of wool tapestries made on family loomswhich wove their influence into his mindscape as an almost metaphyicalmelancholy backdrop to his art. The influence of Man Ray, Giorgio DeChirico,the Italian Futurists, Paul Delvaux and Rene Magritte is acknowledgedbut Romano has assimilated their influence and gone his own way to createstunning & provocative paintings that are carefully & skillfullyconceived,designed and executed.

Heoften writes a few words, a saying of his own, poetry if you will, to add to thepainting's meaning and/or mystery. The delicate looping e is a design backdropthat adds dimension and a temporal & enigmatic quality. There are objectsthat may be interpreted in different ways.The viewer of course ultimatelydecides on their meanings and the satisfaction derived from viewing theartwork.

Romanohas taught fresco painting and one of his fresco panels was bought by LeoCastelli. The artist Albert Pels was a friend and collector of his work. He hasdone frescoes for the St Mary's Cathedral in Albany and Our Lady of Pompeii inGreenwich Village.He continues to live, conceive and paint in New Jersey.

Hisartwork is handled in Molise ,Italy by Galleria Centrale Bojano . He is a listed artist and is in artcollections throughout the world.*

Wonderful piece, and artist. A lovely addition to any room or collection.

-Measures 23 x 18 approx framed

-Artist self framed; has wear (see pics) & crack see pics. This is how I got it from the artist

-Watercolor; Very good condition; painted on old paper so does have some dings and small stains; part of the overall look

-Shipping $20.00 (extra to Canada)

-Signed verso

-A wonderful addition to any room or collection.

*CourtesyAskart, Ruby Lane Galleryand Spring Lake Art Gallery

Images copied from eBay: $T2eC16ZHJHUFFfy63p1fBSC!cjTn,w~~60_3_367_2.JPG, $T2eC16Z,!)cE9s4PucpvBSC!cjYLcQ~~60_3_367_3.JPG, $T2eC16N,!)sE9swmYktfBSC!cm7Yeg~~60_3_367_4.JPG, $(KGrHqJHJDkFHrkgibWvBSC!cm1QIg~~60_3_367_5.JPG

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